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I'm Tejas Ranbawale

As you know very well that few days ago, I have started writing articles online. I am writing an article by the name- ‘tejuanbawale.blogspot.com’. you are also helping me a lot in this work. It is because of your love that we have received so many great responses to the few posts so far.

Now i am going to create watchlist here by the name 'Science Behind Superstitions'. So that people will feel happy life by knowing their past scriptures without being afraid of such Superstitions. I am sure that, you and our visitors will love this watchlist. For that, you can suggest me the superstitions we have in our surounding, then we will discuss Science behind it.

So, Suggest me the Superstitions in comment or also on WhatsAppInstagram as per your convinience.

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So, let's meet on Blogger.

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